Monsoon’s Walls

Photos - 2016

During the monsoon, heavy rain provides a strong metamorphic effect, transforming the land and the ocean through both physical and biological processes. On land, man-made objects become matter which is cracked, sculpted, and colored by humidity and plants’ growth. In the sea, freshwater runoff brings large amount of sediments to the coastal waters of the Indian ocean. These sediments contain nutrients which induce massive growth of microscopic algae – the phytoplankton – which in turn feed zooplankton, fish, and predators including human beings. The input of terrestrial sediments occurring during the monsoon is dramatically visible as the coastal waters turn gray – a color also enhanced by reflecting the cloudy sky. In these images, walls exposed to the monsoon are the canvas where landscapes have been drawn by the rain, and the color of the sea rich in sediments has been contrasted with the blue tint of the plastic used to protect goods from the rain at the Dona Paula market (Goa State)